Monday, October 25, 2010

OMG, really?

For cying out loud, I think I have strep. Again.

This will be the third time in a year. Not normal.

All the telltale signs are there ... ambushed by swollen glands. Polka dots visible by flashflight. Itchy ears. Overall feeling of uneasiness and dizziness. Headache.

To top it off, I just finished reading Francis Raymond's book, as I mentioned earlier, and he basically says antibiotics are the devil and makes a pretty good case for that statement. I remember reading his words and thinking "that's it. Never again." I didn't think I'd be called out so soon though.

My doctor isn't available to see me until Wednesday so I'm now on a mission to gargle with salt water as much as humanly possible. Add to that green tea, lemons and honey and hopefully I can avoid a course of the dreaded antibiotics.

Although I'm worried about what she's going to say about three throat infections in the space of a year. Tonsillectomy, me no likey.