Monday, March 14, 2011

The Pineapple Project - Potting!

Welcome back to the Pineapple Project!!

A lot of progress over the past few weeks. One of our babies is growing at a much faster rate than the other, but I'm confident both will hit their stride. But for now, it's clear one at least has outgrown its cup.

As you can see with Pineapple B, (should we name them?), roots have begun, but they're a little bit stubborn.

On the other hand, over here in Pineapple A's cup, things are moving along like gangbusters. I hoped that we would be able to move these two along at the same pace, but I realize now that's silly. Afterall, we're all different -- we all grow at our own rate.

So the next step is to pot Pineapple A while Pineapple B has been moved to a sunnier spot by the window to help him get the vitamins he needs.

We got an 8" porous clay pot for their first home. I broke an old pot to get a pottery shard to cover the hole in the bottom, and then put a two inch layer of "stones". Actually, I used styrofoam packing-chips since they are cheaper, easier to find in the winter, and do the same thing. Then, I mixed some perlite and cactus potting soil, so that 1/3 of the mix contained perlite. Perlite helps lighten the soil.

Next, I dug a nice little hole for the Pineapple's humungous root system and then patted down the soil around him so he is nice and snug in his new home. I watered him, and I've been watering him enough to keep the soil moist at all times. so far that's meant every day! Have to be careful not to overwater though.

Hopefully in a few weeks, the roots will have grabbed on and we'll start to see some new leaves and such.

For now, we're keeping an eye on Pineapple B, and soon we hope to have them both in their new homes. Thanks for checking in!