Monday, February 3, 2014

Papago-A-Go-Go! Skills Clinics in AZ

The "Hole Shot" with the Advanced Clinic filling the famous Papago "Hole in the Rock"

Coach Richard and I just had the pleasure of meeting some of the amazing local riders of Phoenix, Arizona amongst the historic sites, striking rock formations and dramatic scenery of Papago Park in Tempe.

Thanks to everyone who made the weekend possible! John, Vanessa and everyone at Landis Cyclery -- you guys were so fun to ride with, and we really appreciated all your support. The Trek Fuel EX you set me up on was pretty sweet, so thanks for that!

Regina -- thanks for all you did with ClippedInAZ to make it happen!  Awesome to see you and thanks also for showing us the fun zones. You and Vanessa are ripping mountain bikers! Emil -- Thanks for letting us stay with you and for showing us the delicious and nutritious "Green" restaurant. I would come back to Tempe just for another one of those sundaes. You're a great host!

And most importantly, thanks to all the riders for coming, riding, listening and asking questions. It's always a treat to be there for the breakthroughs. You were awesome! Now the fun part: practice, practice, practice.

Here's a few pics from another memorable weekend with Ninja Mountain Bike Skills:

Coach Richard  doing some spelunking

Playing around on the Regina/Vanessa Tour 

Exploring the STRENGTH of our back brakes

Talking about the four different kinds of climbing with Governor Hunt's Tomb in the background

Learning how to corner using proper bike-body separation 

Coach Richard gesturing wildly

Crushing the "Tomb Raider" climb