Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Update from #BCBR2015

I'm too tired to blog so how about a video update?!

BC Bike Race is like mountain bike summer camp, everyone is awesome, the crew is next-level, the riding is amazing, the emotions are high and my support team (parents, parents-in-law, bro-in-law and husband) is just outrageously awesome.

I'm having the best time, and holding a fifth place in the overall GC, as well as 3 fifth place stage finishes, and one seventh place.

Met tons of awesome people, laughed a lot, suffered a lot, and honestly can't say enough about the race. And we still have three days to go!!

Tomorrow we tackle North Vancouver before heading up the Sea to Sky to Squamish, and then Whistler for day 7. Cross your fingers for me! It's the BCBR and anything can happen.

Hugest of thanks to Eliel Cycling (who have just launched their new website and retail line, check it out!), Rocky Mountain, Gu Energy, RIDE Cyclery, ZOIC Clothing, and Schwalbe. My Thunderbolt is perfect, tire choice (Nobby Nics) is spot-on, there is no other kit I'd like to spend this kind of time sitting in, and I don't think I will EVER get tired of #saltedcaramel. But sometimes I have a #maplebacon just for fun.

PS I've been writing away for Bike Mag as well this week, so check out some of my coverage over at :) It has been awesome to connect with so many rad people.
Day Zero
Day One
Day Two
Day Three

The start of Day 1, Cumberland 

Yoga in Powell River 

Recovery dip in Powell River 

Base Camp

The ever-popular Rocky Mountain Lounge 

Team Kris! Thanks Christine and Gerhard for everything! 

Our air crew!

I wouldn't know where to start ... 

The BCBR Racers are way down there on that boat

Flying with friends

Our ride

The start of Day 3, Earl's Cove to Sechelt -- the longest of the race 

This morning's start in Sechelt en route to Langdale