Thursday, January 28, 2010

Olympic Update: Opening Ceremonies!

Only 12 days til I'm there ... and 17 days til Valentines!

I'm set to arrive in Vancouver at 9:00am, Tuesday February 9th. From there I've got to figure out a way downtown so I can pick up a wonderful gift from VANOC: Tickets to the dress rehearsal of the Opening Ceremonies!

I'm so excited to be a part of that, I can't even tell you.

But ... actually sorting it all out is starting to feel a bit stressful. There are bus schedules galore, a couple of question marks, and to top it all off, I'm still looking for a date. I will prevail. And there will be no pictures of any kind, promise, cross my heart. (sorry! no cameras allowed.)

Since my last update, I booked a real live flight -- so I won't be flying standby and risk getting caught in Calgary again. This is pretty exciting to me. I can't imagine lining up with a feeling of certainty that I'm actually going to be going someplace on the schedule that I selected. Wow.

I also recieved my thick, "Leading Team 2010" training workbook so I've been diligently pushing my way through that. I found out that I know another volunteer up at the sliding centre! So at least there will be one more familiar face. Exciting!

But my workbook keeps referencing some other training that I know nothing about, so I'm a little uneasy that I'm missing something. I'll have to give those VANOC guys a call. I'm sure they're just sitting around watching Oprah, eating bon bons so it won't be a big deal at all getting through to them.

Let's see, what else? OH! Mom came through, and is lending me her super comfy Mukluks. She even delivered them along with some warmer mittens than I had, and of course my red Olympic mitts (I loaned them to her when the torch came through Port Elgin, carried by a friend of hers). We're not allowed to wear the red mitts while in uniform, but I'll be rocking them at Opening Ceremonies for sure. They also asked that we wear white to that, so they'll look extra good.

Anyway, the countdown is on. Only 12 days til I'm right in the action. Awesome.