Monday, January 25, 2010

Weekend? I'd like another one of those ...

Where did this weekend go? Can hardly believe it's Monday again already. Didn't even get anything into the slow cooker! BUT -- it was fun nonetheless.

On Friday I watched the English Patient and tried to unwind. Had a great chat with my sister on the phone -- she's excited because she got a new fridge. I also heard that Emily Batty has been signed to Trek World Racing! Huge congrats to her -- what an opportunity! If you don't already know it, Emily's is a name you should learn because she's going to be a Canadian mountain biking hero in the 2012 Olympics.

Saturday I went up to Brampton to see Baby St. Jacques digs, and chat with his parents who are patiently awaiting his arrival. Everything looks great there, and it must be so much fun to get ready for your first baby. Think of all the toys you get to pick out!

Then it was off to North York for a visit with family. It was supposed to be "girls night" but somehow it expanded and there were at least ten of us for dinner -- boys too. Awesome catching with family but I'm sure they were happy to see me go because I couldn't stop talking about the amazing benefits of raw food. Yep, I was that girl.

Sunday I went to spinning and rolled out some more individual leg drills, spin ups and then some muscular work for an hour after that. Base miles are so glamorous.

Then mom came down and spent the day with me, took me out for lunch and other mom stuff before we had to say "so long". It's nice in the winter when family comes to me, because it's so hard to drag myself away from spinning class.

So that's all folks! Yoga tonight :)