Thursday, September 12, 2013

A Night with JPoV Photo

Making Photos of Photo Making with l-r,  Richard La China, Kris Gross, Elise Heinold and Jake Orness

We just got these fancy new jerseys over at San Diego Mountain Bike Skills so to celebrate, we hooked up with Jake's Point of View photography.  Pretty stoked on the results! So thank you Jake and Elise for the super fun shoot ("let's do that just one more time"), and thank you Richard for inviting me to tag along (in this and in all the things)!

As for the jerseys, that's just the start of some pretty exciting developments over at "Ride Like a Ninja" HQ. Tonight, we're throwing a little pizza party in San Diego at Lefty's where you'll be hearing all about the new Ninja Race Team. From kits, to sponsors to camraderie, this new mtb team has got it going on. Can't wait to spill the beans! 

And what better place to get some laps than at this amazing new race!? First of its kind in the U.S., the Ninja Night Race is the only USAC-sanctioned after-dark event. First one is coming up October 24 at Lake Hodges so stay tuned!  

If all this talk of ninjas has you wondering what it really means to be a NINJA WARRIOR, this helpful video featuring my favourite "kid historians" can get you started. It's full of great advice. And it's darn cute.