Friday, September 27, 2013

"Race Tracks" :: Winter Beats

Gerhard has been the sharer of many great tracks in the past thanks to his connection to an industry that needs good musics for all kinds of videos and web edits.

To honour BASE MILES season, I'm posting this one, his latest contribution to my iPod, called "Winter Beats" as a nod to the change in periodization I know many of us two-wheelers are now experiencing. Or are about to experience once you get all the CX out of your systems.

You can catch it in the new TransWorld Snowboard movie "Nation" available on iTunes (tremendous trainer viewing!) or keep an eye on for full parts as they trot them out this fall.

In the mean time, check out I Break Horses' "Winter Beats" in its official music video form, OR ... scroll down for the most ridiculously overdone hipster surf edit I have ever seen (featuring 10 Russian models, a man-made wave in Dubai and apropos of nothing, a Lambourghini (because of course)).