Monday, January 5, 2015

I Heart Baggy Shorts. Thank You, ZOIC!

Ripping my favorite La Costa single tracks in the Naveah Shorts, and Vivid Jersey.
Chris Wellhausen photo

When I put on a pair of baggy mountain bike shorts, a few things happen. I feel like adventure is around every corner. I totally ignore my Garmin, which is normally telling me where my heart rate zone should be, how long I should stay out, and a myriad of other rules and regulations. And usually, I'm with friends, and we're exploring, laughing, and learning from each other. 

Baggy-shorts rides are oxygen. Lycra rides are, conversely, usually all about oxygen-debt. (For the record, I love both!) 

That's why this year, I'm thrilled to be riding as a Brand Ambassador for awesome baggy shorts maker (and maker of other equally-awesome apparel), ZOIC

When they approached me I was stoked right away because this is also a company that has worked really hard to make clothing for women. It's always a good sign when every time you reach for your favorite shorts, they're already in the laundry hamper. 

In the fall, I attended a special women's-only sale that was complete with features I wish were in every one of my shopping experiences: Awesome ladies to chat with, an attentive ZOIC crew, and even champagne! The only cost of admission was a humble request to let them know exactly what us girls are looking for in our gear. Can't wait to see the results of the survey as the next few seasons roll out. 

A few members of the gang, helping out for CRC
My excitement deepened when, freshly into our new relationship, I was invited to their "holiday party." This one actually didn't have champagne. Or any other markers of a traditional holiday party. Instead, the ZOIC crew and some other local ambassadors headed down to the Del Mar Fairgrounds to clean, repair and spiff-up bikes for Community Resource Centre. It's a non-profit that helps families get back on their feet, especially after instances of domestic violence.  Knowing the bikes we worked on went to make a difference for people who need it most got me in the Christmas spirit. And I'm thankful for the reflection it inspired on my own blessings, too.   

So, stay tuned for more about this exciting partnership. In 2015, I'll have the chance to not only learn and share more about ZOIC's MTB apparel, but also influence what's coming next from this local brand. ZOIC is also a sponsor of Team Ninja so be on the look out for our custom Naveah and Ether with the signature pink embroidery. Ladies, if you're sick of shopping for your riding gear in the boy's section, check out ZOIC

ZOIC joins Rocky Mountain on my list of helpers for 2015. Please keep checking back over the coming days as I continue to share more exciting news! #grateful

That time I helped Zoic get some photos for their catalogs and website

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