Thursday, January 15, 2015

It's All About The RIDE!

When I first relocated to North County San Diego in 2013, I was in a bit of mourning bike-shop wise since I'd been spoiled for so long by my friends at Sweet Pete's in Toronto. My new go-to shop had a very high bar to live up to. I quickly learned that there are a lot of awesome bike shops in San Diego! But for me, there was one that stood out from the pack: RIDE Cyclery.

Stage 2 of #BCBR2014 in my RIDE kit
From day one, these guys have impressed me with their customer service, and how they work to be involved in the community. They host amazingly well-attended group rides every weekend (complete with coffee and bagels!) as well as trainer workouts during the week, led by IRONMAN World Champ, Michellie Jones (for free dollars!).

And the mechanics have been top-notch, taking on the simple stuff (like I'll be forever grateful to Brent who taught me the trick to getting the battery cover off my PowerTap!), and big stuff, like getting my bike BC Bike Race ready for a week of abuse. Blaize worked long and hard to clean out every bearing, tighten every bolt, replace cables, tires, and other parts, and deliver a bike that felt better than new. Swear, I've never been on a rig that felt more frictionless.

So it's with a huge amount of pride that I share the news that RIDE is officially going to be taking care of me and my race bikes in 2015.

Scenes from RIDE's holiday party at the Carlsbad shop
I'm excited especially because for 2015, RIDE has also shown the cycling community they're serious about us mountain bikers by opening up a second location a stone's throw from Carlsbad's Calavera trails. There you'll find some seriously drool-worthy machinery from the likes of Intense, Specialized, and Yeti, as well as all the parts, snacks and soft goods (like ZOIC and Eliel!) you need to enjoy "the dirt side."

You'll also find me! 

I like hanging out at RIDE so much I asked if I could have a few shifts. So come see me on Fridays! I'm there because I'm hoping I can help the ladies of mountain biking with their women's specific needs. I read all the time that having a female in a shop helps invite more women to the sport, and I thought, "I could do that!"

Find us under the chicken!
I hope to learn more about bikes, and meet more members of our awesome riding community, while also serving them. I'm also leading a MTB ride on Friday mornings (TGIF! Dirt before work! Yay!), so stayed tuned for more information on that. It will be social-paced, no-drop, and we're extending a special invitation for ladies to join us (though dudes are welcome too!).

Please join us on Facebook:

And find us on El Camino Real, between Tamarack and Canon (under the Chicken!) 

I start on January 23 and I can't wait! Thank you so much RIDE Cyclery for being an awesome shop, for welcoming me to the team, and for being cool people who love bikes.

RIDE Cyclery is the latest 2015 partner I've been so grateful to announce, joining the fine threads of ZOIC, and the singletrack crushers of Rocky Mountain. Stay tuned for more announcements!

The end of Stage 2 in the 2014 BC Bike Race. #BCBR2015, here we come.

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