Tuesday, May 25, 2010

May Long ... riding.

Awesome weekend. Would have been even awesomer at Mont Tremblant, but then again, all that driving on such beautiful days would have seemed a waste.

Saturday, I just enjoyed the fact that it was raining and crappy. I did all the laundry, cooked up some food, cleaned up around the house, read my book-club book and rested. Much needed day of recovery.

On Sunday, I got out with the Conquer Cancer team, "Happiest on my bike", for the first time and we had a great 100km+ ride starting at Kelso, and lapping Guelph before closing the loop. Felt great, and I'm happy to report I've got the road bike back in a condition that doesn't hurt my knees (what was up with that?!). I was nervous about the upcoming ride -- 160km two days in a row seems a little heavy -- but now my confidence has been restored and i'm looking forward to spending some long hours in the saddle with this crew. Good times in the 5-1-9.

Note to self though, cloud cover still means you need to wear sun screen. I have a ridiculous tan line where my arm band was, but at least i wasn't wearing gloves so my hands aren't mickey mouse-ed.

Monday, I knew I wanted to ride the mountain bike, but I'd flatted the week before and as anyone who rides Bontrager knows, getting those tires to seat is nearly impossible without an air compressor, so it was still up on the figurative blocks.

A couple notes were flying around about various trail rides that were either too far to drive to, or too early in the morning to start on a holiday. But I was willing to do what it took.

After about my third session wrestling with the tire, Jerome emailed to say he was headed up to Hardwood, and had room for me. I jumped at the opportunity to check out the Canada Cup Course, and Ben at Hardwood was kind enough to end the battle with my tire. Jerome and I had a very awesome ride and I'm loving the course up there. Thanks for the lines, J-rock. If it's that hot on race day I'll have to figure out some creative cooling for bottles and bodies. Scorcher!!

At the end, we pooled our resources and ended up with an awesome snack mix for the ride home of raspberries, blackberries, raw almonds (toasted from sitting in my bag!), dates and dried mango. The traffic wasn't too terrible, but more than we expected on such a killer afternoon at only 2:30! I was happy for a cold shower at the end of the drive.

Staying home this weekend was definitely the right move -- the next three weekends are all laps. Feeling a little more recharged -- although some rest days this week will be a nice treat. Tonight, Boot Camp!