Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Oh yes, it will be mine.

Oh yes, it will be mine.

Oh yes, it will be mine!!!!

A long-time resident of my manifestation board, the day finally came! I am now the owner of a super duper Vita-Mix 5200, including a wet blade and dry blade container, which basically unclips my wings and allows me to soar to all new whole-food heights in my very own kitchen.

Vita Mix Day — as May 8 shall forever be known as — was a windy Saturday. We set off for St. Catharines braving high gusts on the sky way, but nothing could stop us. We rolled up to Costco and battled crowds of consumerism gone rampant and found the Vita Mix reps in the back with only THREE machines left for purchase. Even though I was a sure thing, we decided to put them through the paces and they blended to our hearts' content.

This thing has steel blades that are no match for any food. It can spin them up to 240 m.p.h. It's got a 2 horse-power motor in there, and it's own cooling system, so you can let that sucker go on high all day long, without damaging the machine. And, they last forever. What an investment!!! (for those dying to know, all this does not come cheap, but if you can get to a Costco, you'll save more than a hundred dollars. My blender was $499 + $99 for the dry blade set, which you can use to grind up your own flours from nuts and grains).

So far, I've been using it faithfully at least once, sometimes twice a day. Of course, I'm very excited to have green smoothies back in my life, and although I loved them unconditionally before, I have to say that with the Vita-Mix, they're just that much more heavenly. So smooth.

We also tried the Guacarita featured earlier on this blog ... to mixed reviews. I think it needs some more fine tuning, whereas G had no problem polishing off both of ours, raving about how "weirdly good" it was between gulps. But my luke-warm reception wasn't the Vita-mix's fault -- it performed its role to perfection, producing a silken cocktail like no other. And in only about 5 seconds.

The numerous recipe books, plus internet support it brought with it also claim you can make soup, from start to finish, right in the blender! Just by spinning it around in there, it heats up to the point of boiling. And in only about 4 minutes. Wow.

And don't even get me started on the ice cream. (That's right! Ice Cream and Hot Soup all from the same magical little machine!!) Tonight I have big plans for some lone strawberries and some left over vanilla yogurt. I can't wait.