Sunday, May 9, 2010

Race Report: Ocup #2, Albion

All I can say is at least it didn't snow on my race. The 8:30s and 9:30s weren't so lucky. Nonetheless it was coooooold. Too cold. So cold in fact, I was already excited to go home as I was packing up the van to leave.

As I was walking down the street with the last of my things, I had that "I'm forgetting something" feeling, which later turned out to be lunch. Doh. Great start! could have been worse though ... at least I remembered my shoes (close one, on that tip).

So, with minimal Sweet Pete's presence, upon arrival I had an extra mission on top of deciding whether or not I needed to switch to mud tires (no) -- find a feed. CycleSolutions was an amazing help in that department and offered to do the same "anytime" which is such a nice thing, and one less thing to worry about. So thank you CycleSolutions, and especially Barry. Much appreciated.

The course was in excellent shape, although it had been re-routed and I'd only pre-rode half of it, of which only half was on the race-day course. Which is a long way of saying I had a couple course issues. Seems silly to say because the first two Ocups are really just road races, off-road. Can't wait for the first "real" race, Hardwood.

The biggest challenge was deciding what to wear. Ashley's parents were kind enough to be there at the start to collect my layers, but which ones?? I threw caution to the [biting] wind and gave up everything, racing in just shorts, undershirt and jersey. Wrong. Choice.

I was too cold I think. I had a good start, but quickly fell to the one of the last wheels. And so, it was a race from the back. As I gradually warmed up, I started making up positions, passing my final mark just past the dreaded Green Monster. For those who don't know, the Green Monster is a stupid grass hill that's steep and long and stupid. It hurts so much. But luckily, I'm a Green Monster Monster and I think that's where I ended up making up most of my time.

So I ended up crossing the line in 8th place (again) and freezing. My toes were very cold especially. And somehow my shoe-strap became unvelcroed and was flopping around irritatingly. Not sure why that sticks out, but there you go.

Luckily, the chocolate milk people were there. Normally pounding a 500mL bottle of chocolate milk would make me vomit on the spot (lactose intolerant) but after a race it is EXACTLY the thing that keeps me from vomitting on the spot. Go figure.

I rushed back to the car and bundled up, despite the sun shining and drove on home, where i am now typing this before eating everything we have left in the house and then passing out with a movie. My favourite part of racing ;)