Friday, April 27, 2012

The Goodie Box

*knock knock knock* Who's There? Goodies!! 

I was very excited to come home Thursday night to this innocent looking package outside my door. Hmmm, what could it be?

So of course I brought it in and immediately ripped it open to see what was inside: Bike clothes!!

And none too soon either because I was just the other morning having one of those embarrssing moments that happen in private when you realize there was a moment that happened in public in which you should have been embarrassed, but that has passed you by.

Yup, the seats in some of my "A-shorts" have become indecently threadbare. Thankfully, I can convincingly tell myself that no one has really noticed, since most of my riding has been done indoors lately, and I'm the instuctor, so no one is looking at my bum. Butt (ha!) I digress.

Speaking of free shows, hopefully my new neighbours weren't paying close attention because I was so excited by the contents of said box I decided to try on everything immediately. In my dining room.

The good news is it all fits, and it's all awesome, and it's coming to this blog in much more detail in the coming weeks as I properly try it out. So stay tuned!