Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Vancouver By Bike

Photo ProjectBlack Cod (Sablefish) at the SandBarSashimi at SandbarMyro's CrabChillinLog benches
Vancouver's "Flower Pot Island"Biking the Sea WallBiking the Sea WallBiking the Sea WallBiking the Sea WallBiking the Sea Wall
Myro's GirlfriendAdviceEnglish Bay Drinks at Go FishFish Marketour rides
Jimi Hendrix ShrinePush the buttonChinatown Experience ButtonturtlesDucks
Vancouver By Bike, a set on Flickr.

Still recovering from an awesome weekend that included a [really] quick trip out to Vancouver to see Gerhard and some friends on the west coast. We had such a good time -- maybe because we knew we didn't have a long time -- so I submit to you our adventures by bike in Vancouver in photo-essay form. The weather was supposed to be rainy, but ended up sunny, so when Myrosha offered up cruisers and himself as a tour-guide extraordinaire, we were helpless to resist.

The night before we had an amazing dinner up in Squamish. A couple of little tykes have been added to the group so they provided the night's entertainment while we all talked about how old we're getting. Oh Time, you devil, you.

Anyway, nothing fixes up my soul better than a drive through Sea to Sky country ... besides maybe a day on bikes so I was pretty pumped by the time I red-eyed home Sunday night. Hope you enjoy the photos, and if you're in Vancouver, make sure you do the same.