Friday, June 27, 2014

Day T-1: Make Mine An Expresso

Started today with drizzle in North Van but after over a year in the California sun, rain seemed novel! 

Shuttled the crew (ie mom and dad) to the Canadream HQ to pick up the RV then took off with duelling GPS systems (Siri:1, Garmin:0) to get the bike to the shop where I made an appt for pre race checks. 

The shop I picked was Obsession: Bikes since that's who will also be providing mechanical support throughout the week. 

While they worked on the bike, and mom and dad took a crash course in everything RV, I wandered the Esplanade and quay where I found evidence of BCBR everywhere. Also espresso, wifi and cheap Thai food. Perfect. 

Back at Obsession, shop dog toothy-smiled Reggie greeted me and we became fast friends while I waited for Myrosha to join me for a little preride. 

Myrosha and I grabbed the Expresso Express and let the bus do the climbing up Fromme. 

Stopped for a quick photo op before I got the bike too dirty. Ain't she gorgeous? Big thanks to Blaize at RIDE for getting her race-ready and the team at O:B for putting humpty dumpty together again.  

Trail selfies. I insisted. 

The entrance to Expresso, day one's Enduro Stage. Flowy, yes. Gnarly, also yes. The sudden downpour at the start didn't help my confidence, but I think it's gonna be fun on race day!

I love this pic because it's a clear delineation in space and time between when I had never ridden North Shore singletrack to now understanding what THAT'S all about. 

Sessioning this triple threat: wet rooty log-over, to wet rock, to wet ladder bridge. Myro is too fast for my iPhone. 

Back at the ranch, showered and finally dry again. Check out the sweet digs back at camp! 

Great (wet!) day. Thanks for the ride Myro!!