Sunday, February 7, 2010

I'm gonna need a carrot ...

"Carrot", chez Riverdale Perk

Another lucky sunny weekend in Toronto! Funny because I would have never thought on a Sunday in February that after opting to stay in from skiing, it would then be possible to go out for a bike ride! But that was the case.

James pin'd me around 10 to tell me about the idea. At that time, I was still hurting something awful from my 20 minute power test. Which went pretty well ... stay tuned for a new graph!

Anyway, after a great catch-up brunch with Casey and Tawnee of Kama Bay fame, I got home and commenced the big job of packing up for Vancouver. In all the excitement, I completely forgot about the asinine idea to go for a bike ride.

Then my blackberry started buzzing, and I surprised myself by agreeing to suit up and head out. Afterall, it'll be three weeks or so before I'm back on a regular training program, so might as well get it while the gettin's good.

It was a tough slog at first -- much complaining ensued, mostly from my quads. I told James, "we're going to need a treat -- something to ride for." And so after a meandering route along the Don River, the Waterfront and the Beaches, we closed with a "carrot" at the Riverdale Perk.

An awesome day in the sun. Glad I went, thanks James!

Some shots from the day: