Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Partying with Queen Latifah and the cast of Peak Season

Typing this in the Whistler Blackcomb media house, which is where we ended up last night after too many wobbly pops at the GLC (MuchMusic's headquarters through the Games). The Snowboard Canada gang had already been to the Bearfoot Bistro, which I've never had the pleasure of experiencing for myself but have heard is beyond amazing. Maybe one day. Anyway, they were wined and dined while I was at work, eating boxed mashed potatoes, mushy broccoli and leather pretending to be roast beef. (Seriously, eating at the Games has been a little tough. I would like to take the vegetarian option but unfortunately, that's usually the one with the dairy products. So I'm always choosing between one form of indegestion or another ...)

Whistler is an amazing place to sow some wild oats, no doubt. But with the Olympics on it’s got an extra je ne sais quoi. People from all over the world are here, in a good mood, checking out live Canadian acts including Feist, Great Lake Swimmers, Swollen Members. And of course there are skiers and snowboarders doing tricks through a giant ring of fire (must never forget to include a giant ring of fire in your party planning). You can just stand in the square and have a good time – no further effort required. I was delayed there a few minutes last night on my way down from the mountain to meet Nancy for some tomfoolery.

So Nancy, Gerhard, Scott and I end up at the GLC, guests of Whistler Blackcomb PR. And who walks in? Queen Latifah! She hung out for a bit, but she wasn't that into us. In the words of Scott: "if I walked up to me last night, I'd brush me off too."

Not everyone brushed us off though. In our midst we had a staff writer for the New Yorker. Gerhard quickly made friends and they talked each other's ears off about writing and the meaning of life.

It was soon time to go, and leave the GLC to the cast of Peak Season 2. Figured we'd better skedaddle before the fights broke out (watch Peak Season to know what I mean).

We headed into the village and I met a torch bearer from ... I forget where. I know we had a lengthy discussion but for some reason, I can’t remember any of it. The important thing is he let me hold his torch!

Somehow we found our way back to the media house and crashed. But first, we fried up some bacon, and sipped on Vitamin Water. Fridge here is stocked with essentials and I think I counted at least 8 bedrooms. Pretty dope. Not sure what happened to our hot tub plans, but there's always another night.

Nancy and I, GLC

Scott and Nancy


The scene
"I love you man"