Thursday, February 18, 2010

Olympic Update: So long, Luge!

CP Photo

With the doubles luge today, we bid farewell to the first of three sliding events at the Sliding Centre. I was working "entry" today so I didn't get to see the homo erotic sport of pairs luging, but I caught some on TV while on break. Very kinky.

Some trivia! A singles luge is 25kg, and a doubles is 27kg. You can be a mixed pair, two females or two males and all compete in the event together. And, depending on your body weight, you can add up to 13kg of weight-vests/per slider to help level the playing field!

Work was pretty much the same as usual - a big exercise in human resources and customer service all wrapped up in a 14km hike. So I'll spare you the details.

At the end of the night, as we were helping people find their way back down Blackcomb, the Canadian lugers came out to ride the gondola with the rest. They were very well received, which was super cool to see.

Also, one of my volunteers was up by the flowers ceremony and the athlete (forgive me, I'm not sure which one) threw his bouquet into the crowd. The woman who caught it gave it to the first volunteer she could find. She let me hold it for a picture. Tee hee.

After work, a few of us hit up The Mix for a couple beers, then it was home to Squamish for a starry night stroll home from the bus stop.

Whistler Village this morning

Smurfville - morning briefing

The raddest snow-tubers I've ever seen

Flower Ceremony bouquet