Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Ontario Cup Schedule: 2012

Wow, with the summer and fall being totally occupied (excuse the word choice ...) by the Ontario election, I have to say that November -- and the winter training that traditionally starts with that month -- has really snuck up on me.

However! The Ontario Cycling Association newsletter included the schedule above, just to bring all us mtb racers back to reality, and the trainer.

A new Northern Ontario venue has appeared at the beginning of July which is very exciting indeed. I still sigh fondly over the good old days at Elliot Lake so hopefully the as-of-yet-unnamed Sudbury venue will be equally as memorable, and challenging.

Somehow I have missed the past two chances to try out Woodnewton, so maybe the third time's the charm.

And I see Duntroon is back on the schedule for provincials as well which is a welcome repeat since I didn't get to ride it in 2011, and everyone said it was epic.

Thanks to Chico Racing for providing what looks like another amazing slate of events! Mark your calendars!