Monday, November 4, 2013

RACE TRACKS: Maybe You're Right

If you've known me awhile, you may have been a reader of an old blog I kept from my days as a 20-something ex-pat living in Maastricht, NL. There I met three ladies who made the time away fly by. They called us "the team" wherever we went and we were inseparable. Still in touch thanks to the wonders of Facebook and Twitter it's been amazing to watch where we've all ended up since those last summer days in Europe.

In particular, for this post, I want to shout out to Cam who I remember always had her guitar nearby, a tune on her tongue and wistfully talked about forgetting about all this psychology major stuff and chasing her dream to be a singer-songwriter. We of course supported this idea (you would too if you'd been there, sipping Moroccan mint tea with us, listening to her learn the guitar in exponential leaps and bounds while crooning away with her choir-girl talents).

Cam and I had a little reunion when she was in L.A. not too long ago. I went up to see her and the band she's playing with. She's based in Nashville now and there's an album in the works. This entry in the "Race Track" category has Miley Cyrus's voice and name all over it, but look again at the liner notes and guess whose name you'll see with a big beautiful writers' credit: Camaron Ochs.

I think that's a name you should learn!

Connect with Cam and check out her bandcamp below:

(PS - I bought the Miley Cyrus album -- something I wouldn't normally think to do -- to support Cam and now I can't stop listening to it. Love the whole thing. Not even sorry.)

Friday, November 1, 2013

Model for a Day

Took a trip to the future with Canari Cyclewear this week, helping them showcase the Fall 2014 collection for their catalog. So keep your eyes peeled for my mug wearing a variety of very nice tights, knickers, jackets and long-sleeved jerseys.

Thanks to Erik and Corbett at Canari for the call, and for being so nice about it when I fell off my bike in your photo-worthy threads not once, but twice. 

Hopefully that's the only hitch and everything else about the shoot was as productive as planned. Looking forward to the results! Here are some shots from behind the scenes: 

Think Pink! Jersey and Knickers available Fall 2014. Helmet courtesy of Rudy Project.
Got the party shoes on my girl for her big day (courtesy of Reynolds Cycling). And of course, thanks to Focus Bikes for my red and black beauty.
"What's that in metres?"