Tuesday, May 13, 2014

I Feel Pretty - Bike Models Needed!

It's been a banner year so far for my accidental modelling career. I've been having a lot of fun "riding and repeating" in the latest and greatest apparel for our amazing sport and the opportunities seem to keep coming. Here's where I am so far:

If you are flipping through a Canari or Zoic Fall 2014 catalog, look out for my telltale ponytail.

Thinking Pink for Canari's upcoming fall catalog

Shooting the Zoic Catalog with Ninja Heidi and our new buddies

If you're watching TV in Europe, you might see me hiding behind a tree in pink (again) for B'Twin:

And if you're tuning in to the Tour of California, you might spot me and Coach Richard modelling our #RideLikeANinja kit for Champion Systems.

If you want to get in on the photo-shoot, "blue Steel" action, check out the details below for the latest opportunity:

Bike Models needed for bike brand photo shoot! 

WHEN: The dates of the shoot are: May 17-25 :: Sport, Recreation & Kids Bikes May 28- June 4 : Performance Bikes (on & off-road) Each modeling session will take around 2-4 hours and you will be compensated in payment based on the time you are needed. ($150-200) Payment will be made immediately following modeling session. 

WHAT: We are shooting the full line of bicycles for a bike brand that will be used worldwide for marketing, ads, and in-store displays, etc. 

WHO: We are looking for outgoing, smiling faces that know how to ride a bike and perform well in front of a camera. Adults: Females: Ages 18-45 +1 Teen, Height 5’1”-5’6” (size Small bike frame) Males: Ages 18-45, Height 5’6”-5’10” (size Medium bike frame) Kids: (must already be comfortable riding a bike) Ages 9-12, Height 4’3”- 5’1” Ages 7-9, Height 3’11”- 4’5” Ages 4-7, Height 3’3”- 3’11” Ages 2-4, Height 2’9”- 3’7” (bike will have training wheels) 

WHERE: The photoshoots will be located throughout San Diego. 

“I’M IN!”: Please email a photo of yourself, child or family & include height & age. Let us know your availability, or dates/times that would work best for you. For more details about this photoshoot or any questions, please get in touch with me ASAP. 

Feel free to forward this information to a friend. Phone: 978-302-0239 Email: elise.heinold@gmail.com 

We hope you can join us for the shoot! 

Thank you, 

Elise Heinold 
Jake’s Point of View Photography

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