Saturday, July 11, 2015

BCBR Recap, Episode 2: Day 0

Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt 770 MSL, ready to race
Day 0 – Vancouver

Day 0 of the BC Bike Race is Safety Meeting Day. We learn about course markings, race protocols, how to take care of ourselves and each other and other important info. It’s also the first time everyone is in the same room together.

I cabbed over while Mom, Dad and Thunderbolt got packed up and ready to head over to Courtenay on the ferry.

BCBR Class of 2015

Ninja Spotting! Me and Benjamin
Once our meeting was finished … details you can catch in my Day 0 coverage of Safety Director Brooks for Bike Mag (be sure to click because those photos are way better than mine!) … we loaded into the buses and headed to the ferry terminal at Horseshoe Bay. I rode with Benjamin, a fellow Ninja from the Bay Area. We marveled at what “Drought” looks like in BC vs California. Everything was still so green and lush compared to home. It was also awesome to see the Sea to Sky from the perspective of someone seeing it for the first time.

At the ferry terminal, we had a wait, so I did some writing, sitting in the shade, and visiting. I met Mark, a fellow with a cast, and I asked what happened – he’d had a crash preriding in North Van and broken his wrist. He wouldn’t be starting the race. My heart broke for him and I tried to offer some encouraging words to travel with the race, and come back to do it again once he’d seen it all. I hope he does but I didn’t see him again during the week.

Hard at work.
Clayton (Mountain Bike Action) and me (Bike Mag)
On board the boat, Clayton and I made use of the business cubbies and sat quietly together writing. We had a good laugh at the interview I’d snagged with Brooks … the parts I can’t publish that is … and before we knew it, we were in Nanaimo boarding the next set of school buses.

I rode with another social-media-turned-real friend Mike Sarnecki. And none other than Brett Tippie sat down behind us. The trip to Naniamo included a Tarzan joke, and a long riff about enemas.

Tippie and I en route to Cumberland 
Cumberland was the hottest I’d ever experienced in BC when we arrived. The grass was crunchy, the heat oppressive, and the splash park full of adults … including two guys in stars and barsspeedos. My first glimpse of some other Bike Mag profiles I did during theweek.

Gerhard and Reinholt picked me up and we spent the evening in Cumberland celebrating Dad’s 60th birthday together with Gerhard’s family and mine. I also put the final touches on race preparation. 

BC Bike Race had arrived. 

A few more photos from Day 0: 

Good morning BCBR!

Wild beasts among us

The race about to offload in Nanaimo
The happiest place in Cumberland: splash park 

Happy Birthday dinner at the Gross home in Courtenay

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